This is the website for the experimental movie "Predate", written & directed by Lino Heissenberg, and funded & supported by Die Braunschweigische Stiftung.

film info: HD video / 34:50 / color / sound / language: english

PREDATE is a video essay/experimental film touching on fictional identities enabled through the internet, sexual preferences for the undesirable - monsters, aliens, the other - and on how to position oneself as a trans artist who is uncomfortable with both themselves and how their transness might be the only thing that lands them a career. It does so by mixing serious research, the ironic, the sarcastic, the blatant, and the earnest into one long essay with the messiest denouement possible.
Additional camera work by Hendrik Heissenberg & Andreas Metternich. Predator played by Yannick Averdiek. Music by the band "Predator" used with permission.

Contact: p r e d a t e [at] heissenberg [dot] eu